Diaper Derby Rules & Info

CONTEST DATE: Saturday, July 22, 2017
CONTEST LOCATION: Music Tent Dance Floor
TIME: 4:30 pm – Registration begins 15 minutes prior


Diaper Derby:
1. The Diaper Derby is a fun filled event for crawling children under the age of 16 months.
2. Registration: Enter just before the contest.
3. Depending on the number of contestants, there may be more than one heat.
4. Crawlers participating in the Diaper Derby will crawl from one cheering “coach” to the other.
5. Each crawler must be accompanied by two adults on stage. One will stay behind the starting line and one behind the finish
6. Babies will be lined up at the starting line and at the signal, may be encouraged to crawl to the finish line. Toys,
bottles, pacifiers, etc. may be used to entice the baby to crawl. Adults MUST stay behind the lines and will not be
allowed in the middle of the crawling area until the race is finished.
7. If a contestant stands up and walks at any time during the race, he or she will be disqualified.

Diaper Derby